There’s so much about the VIITA course that I enjoyed – the pace, the pictures, the explanations of classifications, even the quizzes! I don’t think I would have retained as much information sitting in a classroom. Being able to self-regulate the pace was paramount for my learning experience. In fact, the only thing I would improve on would be to add an optional audio component to the course. Everyone has different learning styles; personally, the more senses I engage, the better I learn. With the VIITA course there was great visual engagement. I took notes, drew pictures, performed math, so there was a good tactile element as well. Obviously you can’t introduce smell or taste into a virtual learning experience, but I think an optional narration would definitely be useful to some students. I have referred back to the refresher slides several times already and have printed out the handy, glossary of terms. Thank you for providing such a worthwhile technical course online – it’s definitely the best bang for the buck!

Rebecca Morrison