Below are some of the frequently asked support requests (click the plus sign at the right of each, for support on how to proceed).

Newly enrolled, but can't log in
To log in to one of VIITA’s online courses e.g.  Basic Personal Lines Inpector Course, proceed to our web site ( and the Current Students page.  
Next select Student Login and on the screen that appears, enter your case-sensitive Username (*******) and Password (**********), then click Log In.
Once logged in, on the My Courses screen that appears, scroll down to Registered Courses and click  the FULL purchased course (e.g. Basic Personal Lines Inspector), not the Preview.
Finally, on the screen that appears, click Lesson #1, then the lesson link for same, noting that the lessons must be taken (and completed) sequentially.
On enrolling, I never received my password
On purchasing one of our courses, you should have received a series of welcoming emails sent to your address, including one indicating your case-sensitive username and, as shown below, providing a link to your account, where you can view your order and change your password, etc. If you didn’t receive those emails, please check your spam folder. It could also be that on purchasing the course, you misspelled your email address. Either way, please contact the HelpDesk at, and describe the issue you are having, for follow-up.
Forgot my password
As above, proceed to our web site ( and the Current Students page, Next select Student Login and on the screen that appears, enter your case-sensitive Username (*******) or E-mail address, then below the Log In button, click Forgot Password
On the screen that appears, again enter your Username or E-mail address and click Recover Account
Finally, as the next screen directs, check your email for a password reset link and click the link (in blue)
How to advance from one lesson to the next?
On finishing a lesson, x out of the lesson (at the top of the page)
And, on the screen that appears, Mark Complete the just finished lesson
On marking the just finished lesson as complete, the next lesson will appear and be ready to access by clicking the lesson link
How do I obtain my Certificate of Completion?
After completing all six lessons and passing the final exam, a Certificate of Completion in your name will be available for direct downloading and printing by clicking PRINT YOUR CERTIFICATE.  
Alternatively, on the Registered Courses screen, scroll down to Registered Courses and next to the purchased course e.g. “Basic Personal Lines Inspector”,  click the blue ribbon certificate icon (to the left of the checked status). On doing so, your certificate will appear for direct downloading & printing.


What is the next step after successfully completing a course?

Assuming you were referred to VIITA by a representative of a loss control company, the next step would be to email your certificate to the address of the contact person or as provided, for the referral company, who will take it from there. If enrolled via a Google search of our website, expect an email to follow, with recommendations on how to proceed.

Other issues
For issues other than listed above, please contact the HelpDesk at, which will send your email describing the issue you are having, to us for follow-up.

Contact Us

For support requests other than as listed above, please contact the Help Desk at