How To: Navigate the VIITA Lessons

The VIITA website, and the included courses, are optimized for use on the Firefox browser. To take full advantage of the site, it is recommended to use Firefox, which can be downloaded here:

Step #1: After paying for the VIITA course, or logging into your account and clicking on the "VIITA Basic Commercial Lines Inspector Course" link on the homepage, you will be brought to the VIITA Course Content page.

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Step #2:
Click on the first lesson, "Lesson #1: An Introduction to the Insurance Loss Control Process," and proceed to the Lesson Description page. On the Lesson Description page, click on the Enter button to open the course.

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Step #3:
A new window will open up that contains the course lesson. If a new window does not open, you must allow popups from To learn how to allow popups, please click here.

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Step #4:
There are two ways to navigate through the lessons. Using the first method, you can click on the individual slide names on the left side navigation.

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Or you can navigate through the lessons using the back and forward buttons at the bottom of the lesson. Either way, as you progress through the lesson, the left side navigation menu will change from black lettering to blue lettering to denote a completion of that lesson slide. All lesson slides must be completed in order to progress to the next VIITA course lesson.

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Step #5:
Once you have completed the lesson, you must exit the activity in order to fully complete the lesson. First, you must close out the lesson's window by clicking on the "X" in the upper right hand corner of the window.

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Then you must click the "Return to Main Course Menu" link.

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Step #6:
After completing a lesson, and clicking back to the course listing, you will now notice that Lesson #1 is marked as completed.

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In addition to the completed lesson being marked as completed, the next lesson now becomes unlocked, allowing for the required completion of all lessons in their proper sequence.

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All lessons must be completed in sequential order to move onto the next lesson. If a lesson is not completed, you will not be able to proceed with the next lesson until the previous one has been completed. Courses for which prerequisites have not been met are missing checkboxes.

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Step #7:
In various lessons, a practice quiz is given to help review the material that was presented in the lesson. These practice quizzes can only be taken once, though the final grade has no bearing on passing the course. However, the Certification Exam, which follows Lesson #15, students must pass with a score of 80% in order to complete the course and be awarded a VIITA certificate of completion. The Certification Exam can be taken multiple times until a passing score, of 80%, is achieved.

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Step #8:
After reading the question, click whichever radio button that correlates to the correct answer.

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After selecting the appropriate answer, click on the submit button.

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The next screen will show if the answer given was correct, or if an incorrect response was given.

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Once completing all of the practice quiz questions, a final score will be tallied. Remember, all practice quizzes no have bearing on passing the course. Only the Certification Exam, and its minimum passing score of 80%, has an effect on receiving your VIITA certificate.

Navigate Step #8.3

To proceed to the end of the lesson, and the next lesson in the course as described above, click on the "Finish" button to exit the quiz.

Navigate Step #8.4

Please Note:
The VIITA course lessons can always be resumed mid-lesson. To resume where you left off in a lesson, click on that lesson's description page, enter the lesson, and click "Yes" when asked "Would you like to resume your presentation where you left off."

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